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How to Snowblow a Driveway

When it’s the peak of the snowing season, getting rid of snow is very troublesome. Your sidewalks and driveway are entirely covered. Shoveling is quite hectic, and you probably need a better solution. Nowadays, homeowners are investing in snow ballers to help in the snow situation.

Read on for the most effective tips on how to snow blow a driveway.

Don’t Wait Until it Stops Snowing

You will get tempted to wait until all the snowflakes have settled to begin the clearing process. However, your machine cannot take too much snow at the same time. Letting the snow accumulate might damage your device over time. Preferably, don’t let the snow pile more than 6 inches high before clearing it.

Proper planning

Proper snow blowing means that you should get the job done right the first time, not to redo it. Assess areas with a higher amount of snow as they may require more attention.

If you cannot see the line between your driveway and the yard, demarcate a line so that you know where to stop.

Importantly decide where you will be putting the snow. Remove all the obstacles that could hinder your job out of your way.

Check the condition of the blower before using it. You might need to make a few adjustments depending on the conditions. Some of the key things to assess are the fuel, oil, fuel stabilizer, and skid shoes(metal pieces on the bottom of the blower).

Determine the Wind direction

Before you begin blowing the snow, stand outside to determine the direction of the wind. Necessarily, you should snow blow in the direction of the wind. Otherwise, the snow will blow over your face.

Also, start working upwind towards the downwind and keep moving up and down in straight lines.

Safety precautions

Beware of debris or pieces of paper that could be hidden deep in the snow. They could get stuck into your machine and affect its functionality.

Some machines aren’t designed to handle gravel. Hence if you have a gravel driveway, ask for recommendations before buying the blower. The most recommended type for gravel surfaces is the two-stage snowblower.

Do you need more assistance in snow blowing, contact Newnan Driveway Repair Service. We offer services in Frisco, TX, and its environs. Dial (469) 229-7523 for exceptional service at affordable prices.  We are convenient enough and come to your residence and assess the situation.

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How to Snow blow a Driveway

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