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Concrete Patching in Frisco TX

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    Although most concrete driveways can last as long as your property, certain things may happen that will reduce your driveway’s lifespan – such as freezing/thawing, heavy vehicles moving over your driveway, and weather. In case your concrete driveway is displaying signs of distress, it might be for a variety of reasons including:

    • Improper placement procedures
    • Severe weather patterns
    • Improper compacting of the subgrade underneath the surface
    • Use of concrete mixes that aren’t meant for heavy use

    Any number of these factors may lead to your driveway becoming an eyesore that has cracks, has settled too low, is discolored, or is scaling. Many people don’t have the budget to get rid of the existing concrete and create a new driveway. It’s at this moment when it should be decided if it’s time to resurface the concrete, repair it, or replace it. In case the driveway is structurally sound, then you can repair it and save money. Are you uncertain whether your driveways have proper structural integrity? Then it’s time to reach out to a driveway specialist to look at it and advise you on what options you have. Newnan Driveway Repair Service has many different options, and all are appealing.

    It all begins with a simple phone call. We’ll visit your property to inspect your driveway and let you know of your available options for driveway repair. We usually take enough time to establish what has caused that particular damage and then deal with that issue as we make the required repairs.

    In general, concrete patching is an excellent option since we can repair your worst damage by simply patching it with a high-quality product that isn’t available to most customers. We’ll patch and fill in every small crack that doesn’t pose any structural risk. We have a variety of filling and patching products that we usually use, based on the size of the crack or hole. After we have performed the job to fill in the holes, Newnan Driveway Repair Service will blend in the patches for you with the wide range of options and products that we offer.

    Generally, patching concrete might leave your driveway looking messy, blotchy, and unsightly. The concrete patches that we put on the driveway aren’t watertight and that means that water might penetrate the patch and into the concrete and eventually recreate the crack or hole that we patch. Although you could even fill most of the holes and cracks by yourself, the whole project requires to be sealed and blended to restore your driveway’s good appearance.