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How to Fix a Steep Driveway

Steep driveways can cause you too much trouble. Your car’s bottom can get damaged with time due to scraping. During winter and heavy rains periods, there are slipping hazards and losing grip. There is also potential water damage as there is poor drainage.

There are many ways you can fix this problem, even if your home is located on a hilly landscape. Here are the solutions on how to fix a steep driveway.

Layer with gravel

A gravel driveway is the better option for a steep landscape compared to a paved one. Applying gravel on the driveway provides additional traction. It will be the best solution if your primary problem is a slippery surface rather than car damage.

However, you will need to keep adding more gravel with time as it erodes to the slope’s foot.

Curved driveway

If you can afford the cost, consider adding curves on the driveway. It will help reduce steeping problems as it slows vehicles.

To achieve this, you can dig the existing driveway and remodel it completely. But consider hiring professionals to do this task, as you might end up ruining the whole terrain through trial and error.

Safety barricades

Cars are likely to skid and slip off the steep of an inclined driveway. To prevent such accidents, add protective barriers on both sides of the driveway; these barriers can stop your slide and redirect your vehicle to the right path. 

Stones, bricks, short fences, or hedges can serve as great barricades.

Driveway ramp

If you are worried about your car scraping and getting damaged, especially if you own the lowered models, this is the best solution to your problem.

There are manufactured ramps; however, you can create this by adding concrete on compacted gravel at the driveway’s foot.

Resin surface

Since concrete and gravel provide limited traction and stability, adding resin is ideal for a highly sloped driveway.

You can make this surface by adding a layer of decomposed granite on top of compacted granite. Then add a resin layer as the final surface.

While handling your steep driveway, you should first consider fixing your water drainage system. If repairing your driveway seems challenging, get in touch with our highly skilled Newnan Driveway Repair Service team. Simply dial (469) 229-7523 and let us solve all your problems in  Frisco, TX. We are available 24/7 and take up from the simplest to the most complex tasks.

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Steep Driveway

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