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How to Repair Asphalt Driveway Edge

Asphalt is crack resistant, thus lasts for an extended period before getting damaged, and is flexible enough to be used in the driveway. It also withstands harsh weather conditions but is not entirely resistant to damage. With time it wears out, you begin to notice crumbling and cracking along the seams.

Luckily fixing your driveway is a straightforward task that you could try out on your own. Read on for a detailed procedure on how to repair asphalt driveway edges.

Step 1: Surface Preparation

Dig a trench of about 1 foot, for both depth and width, next to the cracking edges.

Step 2: Fill in the trench

Place wood planks on the edges of the trench and let them extend about 8 inches above the ground level, and fasten them with metal stakes. The planks form a great edging base.

Tip: For a curved driveway, set stakes close enough. Make sure that you use the appropriate intervals.

Step 3: Chalk

Now put a chalk line along the ruined edge and snap to form a straight line that will guide you through the removal of the damaged part.

Ensure that the line is parallel to the driveway edge.

Step 4: Chip off the edge

Place a cold chisel on the chalk line, then strike with a hammer to create the fine edge. Adjust the chisel along the chalk line until you are done with the entire section and you now have a clean edge.

Dispose of all the broken asphalt pieces correctly.

Step 5: Compacting

Now you can compact the ground on the section that was damaged using a steel tamper.

Step 6: Add gravel

Once the surface is well compacted, add crushed gravel at a depth of about  8 inches, then compact again using the tamper.

Step 7: Add asphalt

Pour your cold patch asphalt into a wheelbarrow, then use a shovel to scoop and layer it on the surface until it is evenly spread. Also, tamp it down so that it is on the same level as the adjoining driveway.

Step 9: Leave it to dry

Give your driveway 48 hours to cure completely, then remove the wooden planks; they will have created a fine edge for the asphalt.

Driveway repairing is not something you will wake up and learn in a few minutes for quality results. That’s why we at Newnan Driveway Repair Service are glad to be offering our exceptional services in Frisco, Tx. Call us now at (469) 229-7523, and use your free time to do something more precious. We will save you the disappointments of a poorly done repair. 

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Repair Asphalt Driveway Edge

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