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What is a Driveway Apron?

A driveway apron is defined as the portion that connects your driveway to the street pavement. This part provides car access to the street or sidewalk. In most cases, this section is usually made from the same material as the driveway.

Most homeowners don’t repair their driveway apron regularly unless they are fixing the entire driveway. The depth of your apron entirely depends on your personal preferences.

Here is all you need to know about a driveway apron.

Sizing Driveway Apron

A typical driveway extends about 10 feet from the pavement. However, they vary in length and can extend up to 15 feet. Since the apron is deemed part of the driveway, it takes up the width of the driveway. The apron extends to the edges of the sidewalk closest to the house.

Building Regulations

The local building codes dictate what type of driveway apron can be built in the region. In most areas, sidewalks, driveways, and curbs are considered public property. They are either public access areas or the community’s drainage system. Generally, when you apply for a permit to build your driveway apron, the local codes might restrict the following:

  • Who is legally permitted to build the apron? Whether it is a contractor, the homeowner, or a city crew.
  • The size of the driveway apron; both the length and the width, and thickness
  • The slope; Water must flow into the gutter freely.
  • What material can be used; the most common ones are concrete, asphalt, and pavers.
  • Whether a steel reinforcement is necessary or not.
  • The acceptable type of curb cuts. Building Codes Building Codes


Building a Driveway Apron

A driveway apron can be built from many materials like; Stamped concrete, brick, slate, asphalt, or pavers. Some homeowners prefer plain-stamped concrete, while others like a two-color where the apron is sealed with a high-quality sealant. The sealer protects the color as well as gives the apron a “wet” look. Additionally, a slip-resistant product is added to the sealer to prevent the apron from getting slick when wet.

Pavers are an excellent choice since the manufacturer warrants them against chipping and cracking. They are also firm and durable and come in different color patterns.

The driveway handymen at Newnan Driveway Repair Service can transform your place into something more appealing. Get in touch with us via (469) 229-7523 for all your driveway problems in Frisco, TX. We will be glad to be of help.

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What is a Driveway Apron

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