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How to Widen Driveway With Pavers

Most driveways are only fit for one car, making it a problem since it can not accommodate the increasing number of vehicles owned by people in these specific areas. It has also made it hard for people to share driveways since their multiple car parking has become challenging. When choosing pavers, it advisable you select those that complement the already existing landscape of your compound. Choice of the design depends on your tastes and preferences. Here are the steps that will guide you in adding pavers to your driveway.

Step One (Actual Plan)

Identify professional landscape personnel who will do the job perfectly. With the help of the contractor, you will identify the type of pavers needed and the sizes. Provide the contractor with a sketch of how you want the driveway to look like, and he will come up with a 3D plan of how the final work will be.

Step Two (Stating of Boundaries)

First, mark the areas that will be covered and insert the boundaries by use of a string. It ensures that the pavers are at the exact locations that they are needed.

Step Three( Excavation of Driveway Extension Area)

A professional contractor digs out on both sides of the driveway. The depth depends on the number of people who will walk on the driveways or vehicles. It is usually 6-12 inches depending on the type of soil (wet or dry).

Step Four ( Fill Up The Dug Area)

Fill the dug area using crushed stones. Fill up 2 inches at a time. Compact by use of plate compactor (usually rented from local stores). Ensure that the base is filled to your desired depth, ensuring even distribution.

Step Five (Edging)

On top of the rocks, lay steel or plastic edge restraints along the perimeter of the paver and secure them with spikes.

Step Six (Sand Spreading)

Spread 1-1.5 inches of sand over the crushed stones. Level it by pushing a board across it.

Step Seven (Pavers)

Place the pavers on the sand, making them as close as possible. Level them well and use a saw to cut those that can not fit at the edges. Use a hand hummer and make sure that they are well compressed. Spread sand on the pavers to fill the gaps between the pavers. Sweep any excess sand that might be on the surface of the driveway.

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Widen Driveway With Pavers